The Godspot

The Godspot are a five piece psychedelic rock band based out of Vancouver, BC. Their music is charmingly unapologetic, accessibly complex and perfectly messy. Their lyrics are blunt, authentic and sardonic which pair well with their fascinatingly experimental instrumentality.  There is an enchanting darkness elegantly combined with wild dominion that proudly lives in their sound. Their music engulfs you whole and doesn’t return you quite the same. They are everything that is good and pure about psych rock, a genre that is impossible to fake. Their influences are highly palpable in their music and include psych rock gods such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre The Warlocks and The Outcrowd.

This authentic sound is made possible by the wall of talent that the band is made of . Ryan Johnston sings and plays guitar- his hypnotizing voice is the rare combination of Iggy Pop and Anton Newcomb. Blake Hamilton shreds on lead guitar, Evelyn Cardona plays keys, tambourine and sings like a symphony of raspy angels. Elise Cheetham plays wildly intuitive bass while the multi-instrumentalist and remarkably talented James Green plays drums. All members of the band come from an entirely different musical background but their sound is impossibly well- balanced. They are like one surreal, experimental, hallucinatory sonic eco-system that wants to bend your brain. Although their music is fundamentally psychedelic they also gracefully combine elements of shoe-gaze, post-rock, punk and surf. This combination makes for a thick, rich and eclectic sound that is difficult to describe but easy to enjoy.  They know exactly what they’re doing, they are not just lazily producing low fi slop and calling it art. It takes great skill and effort to achieve this unusual sound that can easily be written off as simply trippy, which it is, but it’s also so much more.

Their band name was inspired by Johnston’s adolescent fascination with an AM radio program dedicated to paranormal activity. The band is known to put on one hell of  a show fully committed, including Johnston’s onstage banter and Christy Clark rants. They have been an integral part of the Vancouver music scene for years with two  full-length albums out. The Godspot immaculately encapsulates what we love about psych rock, they commit to their rare and experimental barricade of sound woven with dark poetry and unprecedented balance. The Godspot will be recording their highly anticipated third album Snowbirds shortly